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CanDo Driver Licence Programme

Thames Community Resource Centre
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Getting Coromandel's youth on the road to success 

We're proud to help people in Hauraki and Thames-Coromandel to get their driver’s licences. Being able to drive themselves gives people a much greater chance of getting work here in our mostly rural region.

The costs of getting a licence are covered in our programme. Fees, lessons and defensive driving programmes are all sponsored.

It's a give and take system. Our learner drivers give time back to the community through voluntary work. This grows our participants' work skills and expands their employment networks. 

Our programme pass rates are sky high. 2018 statistics from VTNZ show our programme is running at an 88% pass rate - compared to the national average of just 58%. 

Just don't take our word for it; we asked our students. In a telephone survey, they told us they were happy with how we shared information, the accessibility to the course, and the service providers. 


Most of them said they'd benefited personally too; with greater confidence to apply for after-school employment, employment and/or changing job opportunities.   


The driver's licence programme is a collaborative initiative with the Thames Community Centre,  which runs and operates the programme.  

To find out more about CanDo's driver training, call Jeff Whitfield on 07 868 9797 or email him at  

Support from our community:

"We work predominantly with Ministry of Social Development clients along with Youth Services and the general public.  One issue in this rural area is the lack of public transport which means people need to get their licences and be able to drive to get ahead in education or work.

Having available courses and up-skilling with a strong ‘giving back to the community’ focus is very important and helps people to see that something good happens then you can give back to that.

Driver licensing is one of the main barriers to employment and accessing tertiary level training is the lack of licences.  People have not yet sat their learners, need to continue on to their restricted and be encouraged to take that final step."

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Andrea McCartney

Execuive Director

Valley Education and Training

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